The Aesculapius Collection of Indian Peace Medals
 There are few areas of American medallic history that can compete with Indian Peace Medals (IPM) for historic importance, romantic interest and numismatic value. Although medals were distributed by among the Indian tribes by earlier French, Spanish and British monarchs, the independent United States of America outstripped them all in issuing the longest series of all, portraying Presidents from Jefferson through Benjamin Harrison. Some Presidents who were missed are represented by medals struck later in the style of an earlier era, notably John Adams. The Aesculapius Collection opens with the medals of President John Adams dated 1797 though struck after 1878. The roster unfolds through the Federal era, the Mexican War and Civil War Presidencies and on to the end of the series with President Benjamin Harrison in 1889. While the PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP many medals proclaimed were seldom realized in the rush of westward expansion, the medals remain as a testimony not only to what took place but what might have been. IPM’s fascinated generations of collectors from the pioneers of the 1850’s down to the present day. Interest intensified with the sales of the David W. Dreyfuss, Garrett, Gilbert Steinberg, Chris Schenkel and John J. Ford Jr. holdings. The Ford Collection, in particular, contained a record number of the Silver medals awarded to the Indians and the 19th century Copper bronzed examples made for collectors of that collecting era. The Aesculapius Collection offers all three sizes of many bronze IPM’s with a colorful variety of patinas, Presidential portraits and reverse design varieties of the greatest interest to both experienced and beginning collectors of this fascinating series.

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