Washingtoniana and Gobrecht Dollars from the Collection of the American Numismatic Society, NY
 During its 153 years of service as America’s greatest numismatic research institution, the American Numismatic Society (ANS) has assembled an immense collection that includes all areas of numismatics. Inevitably, duplicates have been acquired over the decades, placing a strain on storage facilities and representing an idle resource whose value could be productively directed to the core purposes of the Society. Deaccessioning, the sale of otherwise unproductive duplicates, will provide much-needed funding for a variety of Society functions without weakening the main collections in any sense. When the ANS began operations in 1858, America’s pioneer numismatists showed special devotion to medals and tokens of George Washington, Revolutionary War hero and first President of the United States. The ANS acquired duplicates in all areas of Washingtoniana, from classics such as the 1790 Washington before Boston Medal to the famed Voltaire Medal with its imaginary likeness of Washington now known to be the head of Scottish philosopher David Hume. During the 1850’s engravers such as New York’s George Hampden Lovett created many smaller size popular Washington medals including his 10-piece set depicting Washington’s Headquarters throughout the war. Isaac F. Wood’s medal lampooning the government’s failure to complete the Washington monument in the nation’s capital is later 19th century classic. Later years saw the proliferation of medals hailing the Centennials of Independence and of Washington’s Inauguration as first President of the U.S., the latter catalogued by ANS member Susan Douglas. Offered below is a selection of the important Washington categories. Not all are great rarities, but all have a story to tell that is of great importance in the overall history of American numismatics. Successful bidders will not only acquire items of value but will be aiding the American Numismatic Society to continue its mission to collect, preserve and research its principal holdings.

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