Auction Help

Auction Bidding Tutorial
If you are new to Stack's online bidding, please visit our Bid Tutorial Page . Here you will find informative information on how to install the software and a diagram of the bidding application.

Bid Retractions
Remember to bid carefully - retractions are rarely allowed.

When you are the winning bidder, you are obligated to pay the winning-bid price for the item. As a rule, bid retractions are not allowed.

There may be a few exceptional cases where you may retract a bid:
  • The wrong bid amount was entered. An example would be the bidder entered the amount of $1,500.00 instead of $150.00. If this happens the bidder should enter the correct bid immediately after retracting the bid. If the bidder doesn't place another bid, the retraction will be in violation of Stack's Coins auction policy and could result in suspension from future auctions.
  • You may retract a bid if the description of the item significantly is changed during the course of the auction.

There are special rules about retracting bids, depending on when the bid was originally placed.
  • If the bid is placed before the last 24 hours of the listing: The bid may be retracted before the last 24 hours, if the situation meets the above description of exceptional circumstances. The bid will not be allowed to be retracted during the last 24 hours of the listing.
  • When a bid is retracted before the last 24 hours of a listing, the bidder will eliminate all of his bids placed on that item. If a bidding error is being corrected, the bidder will have to bid again.
  • Since a bid is not allowed to be retracted during the last 24 hours of the listing, the bidder must contact Cynthia to request that the bid be cancelled. Cynthia will decide whether to cancel your bid or not.

Stack's Coins will thoroughly investigate bid retractions. Abuse of this feature will result in suspension of your ability to participate in auctions. Bids retracted within the last 24 hours of listing can be viewed as bid shielding - a serious violation of our policy.

To retract a bid, please contact Cynthia at 866-811-1804.