Consign to Stack's
Why Consign to Stack's?


  1. 1. Financial Security—Stack’s has held continuous auctions since 1935 through every economic climate. Each and every consignor has been paid on time, without fail for nearly 80 years.
  2. 2. Competitive Commission Rates—Often, coins sold through Stack’s bring more after our modest commission, than the same coins would have brought if sold free of charge by another auction house.
  3. 3. Cash Advances—Stack’s offers instant cash advances so you have money to spend immediately while we showcase your collection to its finest advantage.
  4. 4. Record Prices—Stack’s has set more auction records than any other firm, including the most valuable coin ever auctioned, the 1933 double eagle at $7.59 million (in partnership with Sotheby’s). Stack’s will realize top market price for your collection.
  5. 5. Auctioneer of the World’s Most Valuable Collection: In 2003, the family of John J. Ford, Jr. entrusted Stack’s with his valuable collection of coins, medals, tokens and paper money. When the hammer fell on Ford’s last lot in 2007, Stack’s had sold nearly $60,000,000 for the Ford Family, a record price for a single numismatic collection at auction.
  6. 6. Personal Service—Stack’s offers clients a good measure of old-fashioned personal service and warmth. We guarantee you will be pleased with every transaction.
  7. 7. Expert Staff—Stack’s staff brings you trusted names, familiar faces and dynamic results with world renowned, experienced numismatic experts. This dream team is unequalled by any other rare coin auctioneer in the world.
  8. 8. Diverse Auction Offerings—We have a marvelous, star-spangled program of sales featuring US coins, World and Ancient coins, tokens, medals, and US and World paper money. We invite you to be a part of this fabulous array of sales.
  9. 9. Internet Presence—Stack’s has a leading-edge Internet presence with variety of bidding options including our newest addition, Stack’s at Home, which offers real time bidding over the internet, complete with live audio and video feed. We also offer interesting editorial and news from today’s market online daily and with auction participants from around the globe. Our auction archive facilitates research and price information free of charge.
  10. 10. Robust Auction Schedule—Stack’s has a full calendar of public auctions as well as weekly and monthly Internet events. As Official Auctioneer for many national conventions, Stack’s auction venues are at the forefront of the collecting community.

Call our consignment specialists at 1-800-566-2580 (New York) or 1-866-811-1804 (New Hampshire)