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New York 2011 Americana Sale - 1/26/2011
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Three popular 20th-century type notes

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Three popular 20th-century type notes: * $1. Fr.237. W.74. Silver Certificate. 1923. No.M94711093B. Plate E. Gem Uncirculated-66 (CGA). Strong color and embossing * $10. Fr.2006-A*. W.1807-A*. Federal Reserve Note. 1934-A. Star Replacement Note. Boston. About Uncirculated-55 (PMG). Well centered with nice color * $1. Fr.2300. W.161. HAWAII. 1935-A. Choice Uncirculated-64 EPQ (PMG). Good color and margins. The last one pedigreed to the Chet Krause Collection on the grading holder. (Total: 3 pieces)

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