Lot 4001
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New York 2011 Americana Sale - 1/26/2011
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Listed in category: Currency >  United States Paper Money >  Large Size Federal Paper Money >  Legal Tender Notes >  Lot 4001
Pair of large-size type notes

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Pair of large-size type notes: * $1. Fr.17a. W.7. Legal Tender. 1862. No.23792. Series 113. Plate D. Choice Very Good. Well circulated but completely intact and nicer than some seen at this grade. A popular early type * $1. Fr.238. W.75. Silver Certificate. 1923. No.B72732942E. Plate F. Gem Uncirculated-65 EPQ (PMG). A bright note with sharp color and good borders. (Total: 2 pieces)

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