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Special Offer on Double Eagles - 5/24/2010
There is something very special about owning a double eagle-a messenger from the past so to speak, from an era when a dollar was worth a dollar, and that dollar was in GOLD. Even better is to own several double eagles, or a collection of them! Surprisingly, the majority of various double eagle dates and mintmarks from the first year of issue, 1850, to the last, 1933, are reasonably priced -typically less than double the melt value, and often a lot less than that! A popular way to collect is to acquire as many different ones as you can, selecting issues that fit this requirement. For many if not most late 19th and early 20th century $20 coins this also means being able to acquire Mint State examples.

A Special Offer of GSA Morgan Dollars - 4/1/2010
Back in 1970 the General Services Administration (GSA) began selling silver dollars from the fabulous United States Treasury Hoard. About three million coins were involved, many of them being the previously very rare Morgan dollars from the Carson City Mint. Collectors were ecstatic, as many varieties previously not easily found were now at hand, and in Mint Condition. Many buyers opened their packages and removed the dollars from the sealed plastic holders in which they were mounted and shipped!

A Special Offer of 1909 V.D.B. Lincoln Cents - 6/25/2010
We are just back from the Baltimore show and recently have purchased a hoard of 1909 V.D.B. Lincoln cents. We have a nice selection of affordable grades to represent the first year of issue of this popular series. The coin was designed by Victor David Brenner, and his initials are found on the reverse at the bottom near the rim.

Here is an excerpt from Q. David Bowers book, the Guide Book of Lincoln Cents.

December Discount Days - 12/9/2010
The holidays are upon us and we want to help with your holiday shopping! I’ll be discounting 10 coins every weekday between today and December 22rd so check out the eShop and get first shot and some great prices. Over 100 coins will be marked down (10 coins at a time) and will make great additions to your collection. Listed below are the first 10 coins, peruse our website to see the discounted items grow! Take your pick of a vast array of choice collector coins and rarities starting with half cents and continuing through gold and commemorative issues including every denomination along the way.
Happy Shopping!